Faith Foundation Children’s Home


Our Treatment

FFCH accepts both male and female youth who match the criteria for moderate and severe level of care determined by the Children’s Division. We also accept children from the Juvenile Court system, Department of Mental Health, and the Division of Youth Services who meet these criteria. Emergency placement for a period of no more than thirty days is also available.

Treatment Philosophy

FFCH understands the uniqueness of each individual and strives to meet each youth’s needs in a therapeutic, caring, and supportive environment. The following assumptions serve as underpinnings to the treatment of the youth we serve:


Each individual is valuable and has worth as a person.

Every individual deserves an opportunity for positive growth.
Each person is molded by a combination of environmental, biological, and psychological factors that make them a unique individual.
Because of this uniqueness, each person brings with them their own individual problems, fears, strengths, goals, desires, and expectations.
Regardless of past experience and problems, each person is responsible for their actions and behaviors.
Providing a nurturing, therapeutic environment that is surrounded by people willing to meet and help each person identify and deal with their needs (physical, emotional, medical, and psychological) provides an opportunity for growth and change.

Each youth is treated with respect and encouraged to learn and develop positive, socially acceptable ways of dealing with situations that life presents.

Treatment Services

Trauma Informed Care is an organization structure and treatment framework that involves understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma

Trauma Informed Care Services are those in which service delivery is influenced by an understanding of the impact of trauma and victimization on an individual’s life and development. To provide trauma-informed services, all staff are trained to understand how trauma impacts the lives of the children we serve, so that every interaction is consistent with the recovery process and reduces the possibility of re-traumatization.

FFCH provides individual, group, and family therapy for those in our care. After-care services, through our Aftercare Services program, are also available to those who are discharged that qualify. We use Evidence based practices, trauma informed approach, DBT, CBT, EMDR, Dual diagnosis, Play therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, as well as other approaches to helping our clients and their families. All consumers will be provided individualized treatment to meet their specific needs. A treatment plan will be developed for each child and will be updated on a monthly basis to ensure the needs of each child are being met. FFCH employs or contracts the services of a psychiatrist/psychologist, physician, licensed therapists, case managers, and youth specialists to help carry out these services. Therapeutic services are “eclectic” by design and focus on the following:

  • Behavior Management
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Substance Abuse
  • Sexual Perpetration
  • Sexual Victim
  • Boundary Issues
  • Self-esteem
  • Anger Management
  • Assisted/Independent Living
  • Family Relationships
  • Suicide/Depression
  • Grief
  • Autism
  • Children diagnosed with PTSD, ADHD, RAD, ODD, CD, Depression, Impulse Control, and a variety of other mental health issues.

FFCH began a new treatment program called “Ready for Forever ©” which is a Trauma Informed, Positive Focus Based Program. This program is implemented at the Faith House and Joy House sites for children 12 and under.

FFCH has seen the trend of younger, more traumatized youth coming into care. Although successful in their endeavors, FFCH continually seeks to better meet the needs of the youth and look for better ways to assist them in healing. FFCH felt like adjustments needed to be made to meet the ever-growing need of trauma-based and trauma-informed practices put into use. Our therapists have been trained in trauma-informed approaches and are active members in the IATP (International Association of Trauma Professionals). Our therapists are, or are working towards, being certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Our Clinical Director holds 4 certifications in Trauma Informed and trains all FFCH staff monthly.

All workers at FFCH, including the cooks and clerical, are trained in all areas of understanding and meeting the needs of traumatized youth.

For Older youth, FFCH has implemented our Surviving and Thriving Program. Much like the Ready for Forever program, Surviving and Thriving is a Trauma Informed Positive Focus Based Program. It focuses on what the youth has done well instead of attention being drawn to the youth’s negative behavior. This program is implemented at Faith House, Integrity House, Hope House, and Grace House. Both programs are driven by the need of felt safety by the youth. The five elements of trauma-informed care (safety, choice, collaboration, trustworthiness, and empowerment) are the cornerstones of our programs.

FFCH’s goal is to help each youth develop empowerment, resiliency, and healing. We work to achieve this by training our team on the four SAMHSA “R’s” of trauma.

  • Realization of how trauma can affect people and groups
  • Recognizing the signs of trauma
  • Responsive system and model to trauma
  • Resistance to re-traumatization