Treatment Facilities

FFCH has seven (7) separate facilities which can serve up to 139 children. Faith House serves thirty (30) male children and is located in Fredericktown. Opportunity Hall at Faith House is reserved for our 12 years and under male population and uses Faith's "Ready for Forever ©" Trauma informed, positive based program. Joy House serves up to (16) children – both male and female ages 4 - 9 years old. It also uses Faith's Trauma Informed Program "Read for Forever ." Integrity House is located in Fredericktown as well and serves 18 (eighteen) male youth. Integrity houses teenage males and has additionally implemented a community outreach program which helps the young men develop a sense of responsibility and community. Both of these homes are all individual bedrooms and located directly across from the Fredericktown High School. Peaceful Valley is located in Arcadia Valley and serves eighteen (18) male youth. This facility is a Ranch type setting. Peaceful Valley is currently undergoing a huge renovation to make much needed changes and to better serve our youth.  Grace House is located outside of Fredericktown and serves twenty four (24) girls. Administrative and Clinical Offices are in Fredericktown located on the top floor of Faith Family Worship Center right next to Faith and Integrity House. Mercy House holds ten (10) female youth and is located across from Grace in a very peaceful setting with its own pond. Our newest home, Hope House, is location in Poplar Bluff and can accommodate 24 male youth.  All the homes can provide Level three (3) & Level Two (2) type of treatment care services and can also provide emergency services for children. Faith, Integrity, Grace, and Mercy are licensed for Level Four type treatment services to serve the needs of more severely traumatized and dysregulated children.

All services at each site are provided in accordance to Federal, State, and local guidelines. All children receive individualized treatment and are encouraged to work through their trauma and stabilize.