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Therapeutic Foster Home

Therapeutic Foster Home

Teach, Empower, and Support

In the near future, FFCH will have its first therapeutic foster homes available to children that qualify. Our mission is to provide support to our foster families during a youth’s transition back into a traditional home setting.

Many children’s behaviors remain dysregulated and they aren’t ready to make the transition into a traditional foster home. They’ve also been in treatment facilities for a longer period of time and require an adjustment period to learn how to live in a home setting. This is where a therapeutic foster home comes into play.

Therapeutic Foster Homes are the bridge between residential settings and home settings. These special Homes have highly trained Foster Parents which receive additional and continual trainings through FFCH to assist them in making this a successful transition. Similar to aftercare, Therapeutic Foster Homes will have a trained specialist working with them, visiting them, and assisting. 24/7 on call services will also be available to the families. The program runs for 6 months with meetings and evaluations along the way of the child’s progress within the home setting.

Qualifications of Therapeutic Foster Families

FFCH understands the uniqueness of each individual and strives to meet each youth’s needs in a therapeutic, caring, and supportive environment. The following assumptions serve as underpinnings to the treatment of the youth we serve:


Have completed the Missouri state required trainings

Complete CPI and Trauma Informed training provided by FFCH
Continual training and workshops as needed provided by FFCH

FFCH works with the FST to identify and match children to respective Foster Homes. Pre-placement visits and meetings occur before the child is placed into the home.

If you’d be interested in becoming Therapeutic Foster Home and part of the FFCH team, please Contact Us.