Faith Foundation Children’s Home

Our Values

Values Statement

Faith Foundation Children’s Home (FFCH) believes in providing a nurturing environment that is surrounded by caring people who are willing to meet and help each person identify and deal with individual needs (psychological, physical, emotional and medical) and provides an opportunity for growth and change. We focus on individual needs and strive to provide each youth with a structured, therapeutic, caring and supportive environment. FFCH uses a Trauma Informed approach with every employee being trained in the treatment of Traumatized children.

FFCH believes that each individual is unique, has value as a person, and should have the opportunities for growth. With this belief in mind, we believe that individuals are molded by a combination of environmental, biological and psychological factors that make them unique. Because of this uniqueness, each individual brings with them their own set of fears, strengths, problems, goals, desires and expectations. With this in mind, we believe that despite a person’s past trauma, they can recover, self-regulate, stabilize, change maladaptive behaviors, and return to a less restrictive environment. Each person should be treated with respect and encouraged to learn and develop positive, socially acceptable ways to deal with situations that life presents.

With these values in mind, it is the vision of FFCH that each individual be given the opportunity to take control of their own life and learn to live within normally accepted values of society. We wish to see every person live life to the fullest, no matter what setbacks have arisen in their life up to now.

In short, our vision is to help as many individuals as possible to live life to the fullest and to appropriately deal with past trauma that occur in life.