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Aftercare Services

Aftercare Services Program

FFCH has been successful in making many positive changes for the youth in our treatment facilities. We believe that we can continue those positive changes in youth and their families in the home environment. Our assumption is that we can build upon the skills acquired while in our treatment program to help assist our youth in becoming successful in a less restrictive environment.

Aftercare Services is a 6 month-long program but can be tailored to meet the needs of the family. When the youth is close to discharge from the facility, weekend visits, family assessments, and the Aftercare Team along with the FST will develop treatment goals and plans for a successful transition back into the home and the local community. Aftercare will then begin when the youth is discharged from the facility. While in the home, Aftercare will be with the youth and family for 6 months with wraparound intensive in-home services. The youth and their families have full access to all FFCH’s services. The Specialists assigned to each family are available 24/7 to the family. If a severe, unresolvable crisis occurs in the home, the youth can be brought back to FFCH for a short period to address concerns.

Aftercare Services

The intervention and treatment approach for the Aftercare program adheres to the guidelines set forth by the Missouri Children’s Division and they are:

  • Trauma Informed: The program continues to focus on trauma recovery for both youth and family.
  • Family focused: The program focuses on the family system rather than the individual within the family.
  • Empowering and encouraging self-sufficiency.
  • Interventions will be culturally sensitive and competent.
  • The program will be a team approach that utilizes all available resources: including residential, community, and family resources.
  • FFCH will ensure both “hard” and “soft” services are met for the family.
  • FFCH will strive to keep families together and to make solid reconnection for the youth and their families.

FFCH believes that the best interest of the youth to be the focus of our program. We focus on the family as a full partner in the program. Parent(s) and Guardian(s) should be in charge of their children with guidance and assistance from FFCH. Our focus is on the strengths and competencies within the natural setting for the family. We believe in teaching how, not doing for. It is our belief that youth and their families be given the time and effort with all available resources that we can provide or arrange to make the transition from residential back into a home a positive experience for everyone involved.