Organizational History

Faith Foundation Children's Home was founded through the vision of Pastor Buck Proffer, Pastor Janice Proffer, and the members of Faith Tabernacle World Outreach Inc. The home was originally licensed through Valley Springs Youth Ranch in 2000 until it completed its own license in 2002. At that time, FFCH consisted of one residential site, now known as Grace House for girls, for twenty (20) male youth, ages 8–18, located outside of Fredericktown, Missouri. Shortly after that, four additional individual rooms were added to the original site to accommodate those youth requiring a private sleeping area to meet their treatment needs. In addition to the residential site, the agency has an activity building which includes a gymnasium and several smaller rooms to include arts and crafts, family visiting rooms, a library, and a video arcade. The school was relocated in 2009 to the Administrative Building.

A second site, Integrity House, was added for sixteen (16) male youth in the city of Fredericktown, Missouri. At this time, the agency expanded its age range to twenty-one (21) years of age. Integrity has 18 individual bedrooms.

In the fall of 2008, Peaceful Valley was opened. Peaceful Valley is a residential home on a ranch setting in the Arcadia Valley area. This home originally housed sixteen (16) male youth, ages 8-21. The youth placed in this home attend school at the Arcadia Valley R-II Public School District. This home is on a ranch type setting with many farm animals to attend. The capacity of this home was increased to include (18) male youth in 2014 to help accommodate an ever increasing waiting list of male youth referrals.

In March of 2009, Grace House opened. Grace House was a residential home for sixteen (16) female youth, ages 8–21. Grace House was formerly a large family home which was renovated to accommodate the treatment needs of female youth. This house was located in Patton, Missouri. An on-campus alternative school setting for the Meadow Heights R-II Public School District was located adjacent to the home.

In March 2013, FFCH moved Grace House from Patton to the original 24 bed home. A new Faith House was built behind the Church and Integrity in town. It houses 30 boys ages 12 and under and runs FFCH's Ready for Forever© trauma informed based program (all rooms are individual). This was done to help accommodate the increase in younger children with severe traumatization and to meet their treatment needs and to help provide more safety for our youth who have more sexualized behavior problems.

In May of 2014, FFCH opened its 5th location located near the original Home. It is called Mercy House and accommodates twelve (12) male youth.

In the fall of 2016, FFCH opened its 6th house - Joy House - to accommodate the needs of our youngest residents. Seeing an overwhelming need for treatment for little folks, Faith extended its age range from 4 years old to 21 years of age. Joy House is home to children ages 4 - 9 and uses the Trauma Informed program Ready for Forever©. Joy House has 16 individual rooms and is for both boys and girls.

FFCH has developed and implemented its Aftercare Services Program for intensive aftercare services for those youth and their families that meet the eligibility requirements and are within Faith's contract area. This aftercare service has proven to be a valuable tool for the families and children that are reunited to assist them in becoming successful functioning family units.

FFCH is fully accredited through COA.

FFCH is now also licensed to accommodate Level 4 state classified youth to help meet the needs of youth that require a more restrictive environment. Also, plans are to start a TLG program to better fit the needs of our older youth leaving residential.

FFCH will be opening its 7th site in Poplar Bluff (Hope House) in the Spring of 2019. This facility will accommodate both male and females that qualify for treatment services. FFCH has seen a growing need to provide a site in this part of Missouri to help better service the needs of both the youth and the family. This will also allow FFCH to extend its Aftercare services beyond its current Counties.

All in all, what started out as a 20 bed facility have grown to serve over 120 children which includes our Aftercare Services Program. We are excited for the future and the continuing opportunity to serve the needs of the youth.